Under Armour creates Cam Newton game on Snapchat

Hey Snapchat users. Under Armour has a new game for you.

The game is a spinoff of the Baltimore athletic brand's footwear marketing campaign "It Comes From Below," and one of its films starring Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.


That spot, unveiled earlier this month, shows the NFL MVP dodging obstacles as he sprints through a dark forest. As he runs, Newton's mother, Jackie Newton, narrates, reading a passage inspired by Richard Adams children's book, Watership Down.

The game version in Snapchat's Discover channel invites users to play as Newton and lead him through obstacles. It's targeted to 14- to 22-year-old high school and college athletes, a demographic that spends a lot of time on Snapchat, Adweek reported.

"Under Armour is always looking for opportunities to connect with consumers in new and innovative ways, evidenced by our Cam Newton Snapchat game," Jim Mollica, Under Armour's vice president of global consumer engagement, said in an email.  "By using Snapchat, we are able to directly communicate with a vital audience: digitally focused, on the go, social consumers with a love of gaming, sport and performance."


Players get to keep Newton running around obstacles such as trees and wolves as long as they're able to keep him alive.

Snapchat users can find their way into the game through 10 second ads that appear in sports and NFL-related areas of Snapchat's Discover section, Mollica said in the Adweek story.

And in typical social media fashion, users can share scores with friends, who then can play the game too.