Homestead-Wakefield celebrates America's right to vote with parade

Homestead-Wakefield Elementary School in Bel Air hosted its 2014 Voting Parade Tuesday morning on the school campus.

The parade is held every two years, according to teacher Cindy Leon, to celebrate America's freedom of voting; it has been part of the election year school calendar for 16 years.

Students vote on several things in school: favorite super hero, yearbook cover, songs, etc. The winners were announced at the celebration.

The Bel Air High School band and the entire Homestead-Wakefield student body marched in the parade, which started at Wakefield and proceeded down the street to the he street to the Homestead building.

At a brief program in the back of the Homestead building, students sang patriotic songs, said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the "Star-Spangled Banner," "America" and "You're a Grand Old Flag" and listened to a number of guest speakers.

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