Baron's K9 Country Store pairs natural pet products with an active social scene

Step into Baron’s K9 Country Store, and the official “greeters,” Louie and Drake, will welcome you. The two dogs are successors to Baron, the departed golden retriever once owned by proprietors Stacy Martin-Duffy and John Duffy. Located between the Hickory Bypass and Route 23, Baron’s K9 Country Store is off the beaten path but well worth the trip. The all-natural pet products store evolved from Martin-Duffy’s pet-sitting service and her interest in holistic health. 

“I would see an issue with a client’s dog or cat, and I’d refer them to places on the Internet for products. Then I thought, ‘Why not put it all under one roof?’ ”

Stacy began learning about homeopathy and acupuncture for humans in the 1990s and tried some techniques on her pets.

“I saw how well they responded. I had started vet tech school, but then I decided I wanted to find a more holistic approach to helping pets,” she explains.

Today, the store is a part of life for many Harford County residents. Stacy and John don’t just sell products; they offer personalized advice and a range of services to pet owners. Regular activities include visits from Waggin Wheelz Nail Trimming and dog trainers such as Kathy Forthman of Polite Pooches. 

Baron’s also hosts “puppy playtime” in a fenced yard adjoining the store.

“Louie is the puppy nanny,” Martin-Duffy says. The 3-year-old English bulldog likes to watch over the puppies at play. “But if he sees one is bullying another dog, he’ll go over and gently break it up.”

Humans will also have fun at Baron’s. The store features a monthly Wine-n-Kibble night with guest speakers, raffles and opportunities for socializing.

Baron’s is moving into a larger building in the same location and will celebrate its 10th anniversary this month with a variety of events. 

Baron’s K9 Country Store

525 Pritt Lane, Bel Air

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