This shih tzu can't get enough of the O's

Think you’re excited for some Orioles playoff action? Consider Trufflz, who may be more excited than anyone else in town.

Trufflz is a 4-year-old shih tzu owned by Caryn Green, who lives in Mount Washington and works at Glarus Chocolatier in Timonium — hence the pup’s name. She has an impressive collection of orange and black toys that Green collects every Halloween and is spending much of her time this week in an Orioles tutu and hair bow.

“We are waiting for our Orioles to triumph in the post-season and hopefully bring that World Series trophy back to Baltimore,” says Green, who’s also a life-long fan of the team.

Is your pet an Orioles fan? Send us photos of him/her in orange and black!

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