Stacy Keibler planning to eat placenta following the birth of her daughter

Stacy Keibler plans to take a special supplement after she gives birth next month -- a pill made from her placenta.

The Rosedale native and host of "Supermarket Superstar" is among a growing number of women who are returning to the ancient practice of consuming the placenta, the organ which nourishes the fetus during pregnancy.

Most other mammals eat the placenta immediately after birth, as do many women in some Asian and African cultures. 

Some believe that consuming the placenta can ward off postpartum depression, boost energy and speed healing, although few studies have been conducted.

While some women cook and eat the 1-pound organ or blend it into smoothies, Keibler plans follow a more popular route of ingesting pills made from the dehydrated placenta, the Daily Mail reports. 

Keibler, a former wrestling star and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, is expecting her first child, a girl.  She and tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre were married in a private beach ceremony in the spring.

The 34-year-old is among several celebrities who have chosen to ingest the placenta, including "Clueless" star Alicia Silverstone and "Mad Men" actress January Jones. 

Keibler has been an advocate for healthy eating throughout pregnancy.  She told US Weekly she eats organic and avoids junk food.

"Pregnancy... is not an excuse to eat donuts," Keibler told the magazine.





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