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Abingdon Library to present Hoopla Hoop Contest on July 15

More than 55 years after it became a national craze, the Harford County Public Library is giving residents an opportunity to show off their Hula Hoop skills at the Hoopla Hoop Contest Tuesday, July 15, at the Abingdon Library.

Hoopla Hoop will be presented by MidWest Tape, the library's provider of Hoopla digital media. A representative of the company will be on hand to run the contest and award the winner with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

"Summer fun at the Library will take on a whole new meaning as young and old Hoopla Hoop at the Abingdon Library," Library Marketing Manager Janine Lis said in a statement. "Thank you to MidWest Tape for this great opportunity to have some fun with our customers and show them what Hoopla has to offer in digital movies, television shows, music and audio books, all available through the library's website."

The Hoopla Hoop Contest will take place in the Abingdon Library's magazine seating area from 2 to 4 p.m. Participants are asked to register starting at 1:30 p.m.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own hula hoop to ensure the opportunity to compete in the event. A limited amount of hula hoops will be available for the contest. The winner of the final competition will receive the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Complete rules can be found at

According to, "the hula hoop is an ancient invention," one that no single person or culture can claim.

The perfection of the modern Hula Hoop, however, is generally attributed to Arthur K. Melin and Richard Knerr, founders of the Wham-O Toy Company that sold millions of the plastic hoops in the summer of 1958. The Hula Hoop craze spawned a song of the same name, by the pop singer Teresa Brewer, and the hoops were seen everywhere, from playgrounds to cookouts to adult cocktail parties.

Like most fads, the Hula Hoop craze didn't last, but the hoops have endured. (Wham-O is also known as the company that perfected and manufactured the Frisbee flying disc.)

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