Time for Bel Air to celebrate a national journey [letter to The Aegis]


This Friday, the Bel Air Independence Day Committee will deliver to this fine community a wide range of activities and spectacles the likes of which are only witnessed once a year in this town.

I have been asked many times what motivates me to give so much of my life to this once-a-year event. Well, it is hardly just me! Our Committee is comprised of ordinary people who do extraordinary things for this day. Their dedication over the years has been an inspiration to me. The number of hours that they spend planning and executing their various contributions is incredible. The term "last full measure of devotion" has even applied to some of our past Committee members who volunteered knowing that they only had a short while to live.

I also feel that the 4th of July is worth celebrating at the community level. A birthday party celebrates a birth, but it really celebrates the journey. In this case it would be our journey, as well as our hope for the future. What can be more wonderful than to celebrate all that is good and great in this country of ours?

Please come join us and celebrate our journey together. You should have a lot of fun.

Donald Stewart, President

Bel Air Independence Day Committee, Inc.

P.O. Box 724

Bel Air, MD 21014

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