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Support for Glen Glass for House [letter to The Aegis]


Maryland's Primary Election is coming soon, June 24. I support the re-election of Delegate Glen Glass to the Maryland House of Delegates.

During the past four years, he has served and represented his constituents of Harford and Cecil counties during a very profound and difficult time in our state's history. As a State Delegate, he has had great admiration for his district and constituents! This dedication to serving his constituents has enabled him to sponsor more bills than any other delegate in the Harford County Delegation. His goal is to insure that his constituent's voices are heard. By introducing numerous bills over a wide spectrum of topics, he assured that the voices of his constituents were represented. The most recent sessions of the House of Delegates have been extremely strenuous, presenting both social and economic issues that challenge the values and morals that we share in Harford and Cecil County. For example, the Maryland utility companies have shown an immense amount of greed and unwillingness to listen to the voice of their customers. Their introduction of Electric and Gas Smart Meters has created various issues regarding safety, privacy and health which the utility companies continue to disregard.

Delegate Glass has sponsored two bills prohibiting utilities from selling data collected from smart meters to third parties, and for a Smart Meter "No Cost Opt-out."

Delegate Glass opposed the - RAIN TAX - a business and economy killer that forces 10 counties (including Harford) to collect a storm water remediation fee from taxpayers. He will fight to repeal the Rain Tax!

Delegate Glass will be re-elected, to continue to work with to give the citizens of Harford and Cecil County a "No Cost Opt-out," allowing us to keep our Electric Analog Meters! - - Re-elect Delegate Glen Glass!

Hugo Biermann

Bel Air

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