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Laura Runyeon supported for school board [letter to The Aegis]

As a resident of Fallston (District B), I was disappointed to see that The Aegis endorsed every sitting Board of Education candidate.

The argument in favor of the sitting candidates seemed to be that they had experience on the Board. If that is the standard, we could argue that Board members should be appointed for life. No need to have an election and get new perspectives on the Board. In the three to four years that many of these Board members have been on the Board, we have had a consistently underfunded school system, a complete breakdown in cooperation between the Board and the funding authorities, significantly underpaid teachers and staff, a loss of qualified teachers and a reduction in services and instruction. As a parent with children in the school system and a teacher for Baltimore County Schools, I think it is time to give other candidates an opportunity to overcome the many challenges in the school system!

The voters of District B should be advised that there is no incumbent from this District running for the Board. Sitting Board member, Bob Frisch, was elected from and represents District A on the school board. Following the political redistricting in October, 2011, Mr. Frisch was moved into District B. Despite claims of support for the Youth's Benefit community and Build It Now, Mr. Frisch voted against both the FY 2014 and FY 2015 Capital Budgets that included funding for the Youth's Benefit project.

Board members who are dedicated and committed to our students and our community are what we need. Laura Runyeon has been a tireless advocate on behalf of this community, not just for the school replacement project, but in many other areas, including promoting stakeholder involvement. She has been actively engaged at the Board level, consistently attending and speaking at board meetings on a variety of topics and providing information about school related issues to the community. She has an excellent grasp of the issues that our students and teachers face in the classroom. Laura Runyeon has proven that she is willing to do the hard work to educate herself on a variety of topics and she has experience working collaboratively with both state and local decision makers. For these reasons, Laura has my vote and I encourage the other voters of District B to consider these issues when they go to the polls this month.

Kathleen Harmon


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