Opposed to council giving up zoning authority [Letter]

The following was addressed to the Harford County Council. A copy was provided for publication.

I am against the proposed bill to amend the County Charter to remove the responsibility of the Council in its role as the Board of Appeals in Zoning matters. I have read the bill and the remarks from other concerned citizens, such as Friends of Harford.  I can see disaster for citizens if the council abrogates its responsibilities in zoning matters.

Put yourselves in the position of the citizen who could see his zoning case come before a Maryland Circuit Court for a local decision!  Do You want that? Do you want to relinquish your Charter power to the unelected Hearing Examiner and possibly, ultimately, to the State?  That is what it will be - no longer a local control.  Politics will determine the result for the citizens--that means You, as well.  Where is your conscience on this bill? 

One has only to look at the Federal situation:  the United States Congress has relinquished and abrogated its Constitutional powers to several presidents of the United States.  Need I say more to You?  

Please reconsider - no matter which party is in control of Harford County government, one or more of you will not like the decisions, and it will become a disaster for planning and zoning matters in Harford County!  It will be a disaster for all of us including You. 

JoAnn M. Macdonald


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