Prefers Joppa to Joppatowne [Letter]

It has been interesting to read the different opinions on naming Joppa.

My wife and I had the privilege several years ago to go to Europe on a business award. It was interesting to learn as we drove around France that the local roads aren't named as in America but are really directions. When you come to an intersection you see arrowed signs that have the places they go to on them. So coming from opposite directions you might see a different name. Then I started to wonder is that what we did in the U.S. would assume over time instead of the road that goes to Bel Air it became Belair Road (Philadelphia road, Frederick road, etc….).  I own a rental property in Joppa. When I get calls to rent it a lot of people think it is in Towson since most people know of Joppa Road there.  

Maryland was a major port at the early stages of its history and when people wanted to go to Joppa the road was labeled to Joppa. If you track the road across the map you see it goes from Falls Road to Joppa to Bel Air. All roads lead to Joppa. Not Joppatowne (a builders development). So you see if it was Joppatowne the roads would have been labeled as such. Any way you call it I love living here since my parents moved here in 1968. Mainly a waterfront single family home community with history. I just wish we could have kept the pool as a community center but that is another subject.

Tom Evelyn


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