Bandana-wearing dogs set world record in Harford County

Leave it to a bunch of dog-lovers, their canine friends, and the Humane Society of Harford County to turn part of a pet fair into a Guinness-certified world record.

Two hundred dogs showed up to the Humane Society’s Walk & Wag-a-Thon and Pet Fair last fall wearing identical bandanas. That was enough to certify the events as the world’s largest gathering of dogs wearing the same bandana, which is a real category and was just officially announced. (Don’t believe it? Look here.)

Guinness is known for its strict rules and regulations, and participants had to adhere to exacting standards to make their world record official. Each dog had to be registered and stand in line with his or her human, and then wait again while volunteers counted each and every one. Two independent witnesses -- Harford County Sheriff Jesse Bane and Jean Matteu of Frank Hajek & Associates, P.A. -- observed the event in an official capacity and signed official statements for Guinness officials. A remote-controlled helicopter also flew over to take photos of the moment from the sky.

The event was planned to draw awareness of pet homelessness in Harford County, said Humane Society Executive Director Mary Leavens, who extended her thanks to all the dogs and humans who made the world record happen. Two-legged participants can purchase Guinness World Records Certificates of Participation by contacting Nicky Wetzelberger at or 410.836.1090 ext. 104.

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