Is the school board the problem [Letter]


HCPS Does Not Work

Ms [Barbara] Canavan and the Harford County Board of Education officials elected not to attend the Board of Public Works appeals hearing in Annapolis, Feb. 5.

The hearing was to appeal decisions that denied Harford County Board of Education Maryland funding. Apparently, the entire Board had to be in the county to handle weather related issues rather than having someone attending the appeal. With school funding flat lined, the Board imposed and revoked "Pay to Play" and a bus policy forcing children living further from school to walk; I would think every effort would have been made to attend the funding appeal.

With Havre de Grace building plans and projects for schools in the southern part of the county being cut, once again the Board has indicated their priorities. When the "Pay to Play" was implemented and the busing changes enforced, the schools impacted were Havre de Grace, Aberdeen and Edgewood. The Board held hearings on the budget concerns in Bel Air, Fallston and Patterson Mill rather than in Edgewood or Aberdeen, the areas most affected.

Mr. [Robert] Frisch and others on the Board actually supported "Pay to Play" stating that the results of "Pay to Play" forced more parents to apply for free lunches which awarded the Board additional funds from the state. Mr. Frisch has also commented at several Edgewood community meetings that the Edgewood parents need to be involved and aren't interested in their students education.

I suggest that Mr. Frisch and the Board proved to the county residents that they don't see your schools as a priority. Attending that appeal could have meant that more of your state tax dollars would have supported our schools.

So, perhaps the problem is the Board itself! Perhaps it's time for a Board that serves the entire county rather than special interests.

Dean and Carol Hansen


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