Book: Journey to a new world

"Journey" is a picture book by Aaron Becker, who was valedictorian of Baltimore’s City College high school, that uses vivid illustrations to tell the story of a lonely girl who retreats to her room and uses a red crayon to draw a magic door on her wall. Through this door she enters a wondrous world, but is eventually captured by a sinister emperor and it looks as though she might not be able to get back to her family. This is a wordless book that relies solely on impressive visual storytelling.

"This magnificent book opens a world of wonder in which the youngster learns that only with courage and compassion will she be able to return home," says Rona Sue London, children’s book curator at The Ivy Book Shop in Baltimore. "It’s a truly extraordinary read for youngsters and adults alike, and it is the perfect book to snuggle up with on a blustery day."

Becker now lives in Amherst, Mass., with his wife, daughter and their cat.

— Kristine Henry

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