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Craig's comments on APG found abrasive [Letter]

This letter is in reference to your story on Wednesday Sept. 25, "Craig calls APG biggest polluter."

For some reason, Mr. Craig's remarks just rubbed me the wrong way. It sounded like he would rather have a sound-bite than be accurate in his statements. Well Mr Craig let's talk about some of these points

1. "APG should fix Atkisson Dam because it's their sediment." I beg to differ. Last time I checked sediment is moved by water and water flows downstream. That sediment is most likely due to the development in the upper Winters Run drainage basin. While the sediment is on APG land, it was put there by Harford County development. Actually I guess APG can charge the county a holding fee for keeping Harford County's sediment out of the Bush River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. But they won't. You're welcome Mr. Craig.

2. "The area's biggest polluter is probably APG itself." APG is maintaining a rich and diverse wildlife habitat while providing the needed wetlands and forests to filter the runoff from the rest of the county. You're welcome Mr. Craig.

4. Yes, APG is a Superfund site, but not the whole post. Mistakes have been made in the past and APG is doing everything in its power to fix those, it's the law, they have to. What is Harford County doing Mr Craig?

Sorry to be so picky, but if you're going to run for governor, you really should be more aware about what is happening in your own back yard.

Bryant DeBruyne


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