Speed camera destruction sends message to county officials [Letter]

What do you think the odds are that Ken Ulman and Courtney "Speed Camera" Watson will learn anything from the recent destruction of the new, semi-permanent speed camera that was recently destroyed in Glenelg?

I doubt they will learn a thing. Perhaps if listening to the voters was something they ever thought of doing in the first place, this would not have happened. First, they manufactured evidence that the cameras were necessary, with their phony report that Watson so famously waved in the faces of those testifying against the one-eyed bandits in the hearing 1 1/2years ago. Then, after they loaded up the hearing room with county employees and used "heart-wrenching" testimony about an incident that occurred over 20 years ago to justify their position, they forced photo enforcement upon us.

Just over a year later, we learn that the program barely brings in a fraction of the expected revenue. So what do the lefties do? They double down! They force more cameras upon us! And someone gets really ticked, and commits a crime. Brilliant move on the part of our government!

Patrick Dornan


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