Schools have turned back on parents with tech policy change [Letter]

The bring-your-own-device policy is a terrible idea ("Schools relax ban, embrace cellphones," Sept. 19). It is a complete farce to pretend that students will not be texting, tweeting, watching YouTube, posting on Facebook and playing video games during class time. It doesn't matter if they sign a form pledging not to use their devices irresponsibly. This is completely unenforceable and students, teachers and parents know it. One teacher cannot effectively monitor what is on the screens of the smart phones, iPads, or laptops of every student in the class. The school system has just abandoned parents in their daily struggle to keep their children from overusing technology.

This will not teach teenagers balance and moderation. This will teach them that it is OK to be constantly connected to their devices, even when they are supposed to be paying attention to their teacher and the activities around them. Why even send them to school at all? They can just log in from home and go to high school online. Maybe that will be the next great idea that the Howard County school system will embrace.

Michele Aylaian

Ellicott City

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