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Redistricting plans are vehicle for possible 'white flight' [Letter]

I am writing to express my utter dismay at the redistricting plan to move half of the Clemens Crossing feed out of Wilde Lake Middle School, despite plans for a building expansion the following year. Wilde Lake Middle School is fed by two Title I schools and one non-Title I school, yet the plan is to remove high-income students! Although moving low-income students to high-income schools is known to be enormously beneficial to those students, that is the last thing that the Howard County Public School System would ever consider doing. According to the Attendance Area Committee plan, the Clemens Crossing Elementary School to Wilke Lake Middle School feed will be cut in half (on paper). But in reality, the feed will be cut completely because the people from Clemens Crossing will simply refuse to send their children to Wilde Lake after it is decimated by redistricting. They will move away, send their children to private school, or home school. Wilde Lake Middle School will be destroyed, and the neighborhoods that feed into it will be devastated. Years ago, the Howard County Public School System eliminated open enrollment under the pretense that it wanted to combat "white flight." How ironic that our school system is now providing the airplane!

Michelle Wood


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