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Dog keeps licking pillow

My 4-year-old Labrador retriever licks my pillow until it's soaked through. She doesn't do this to anything else in the house. Why might she be doing it and what can I do to discourage it?

This could be due to your hair products. Many dogs like the taste of lotion we put on our skin and will lick the lotion off us or eat the bottle of lotion. It can be the same for our hair products. There are so many added scents and flavors to our hair products that they appeal to dogs. Dogs have a higher sense of smell than we do, but not more taste buds — if they like the smell of something, they will eat it. Because your dog is only going after the pillowcase you lay your head on, this is most likely the case. The solution is simply to keep the pillow out of the dog's reach.

This week's expert is Kristen Tamke, emotional healer for people and pets and founder of Behavioral Healing LLC. Send your question to

—Kim Fernandez

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