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Got the dreaded "schools are closing early" message today

Did you hear that? It was the collective cry of dismay from working parents across Baltimore County who learned this morning that schools would be closing two hours early today -- and that after-care would be canceled -- because of excessive heat.

This is one of the reasons I used to always wonder: How do families manage when both parents work full time? And how in the world do single parents do it?

Well, thanks to my laptop and understanding bosses and colleagues (flattery gets me everywhere), I can finish my work day from home and not really miss a beat. People who work retail and the like aren't so lucky.

I already sort of knew the answer, but as the parent of kids who walk to a school that has air conditioning, I had to ask why all schools have to close -- even the ones that won't be overly hot.

Here's the response from Mychael Dickerson, chief communications officer for Baltimore County Public Schools:

"Schools without A/C are scattered throughout the county and it provides a logistics challenge to close only those schools because of the impact on transportation and scheduling for example."

Yeah, but still...

So, what's your back-up plan on days like this?

UPDATE: Baltimore City Schools just announced they're closing two hours early, also. Wow, at least parents in the county had a bit more notice.

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