Don't forget to include your significant other in all the wedding plans

As much as many girls dream about their weddings, they need to remember they are not the only ones involved. A lot of times brides will do a lot of the planning and decisions on their own or with their mom. However, believe it or not if you ask your groom, he probably will want to be a part of the big decisions. Keith and I discuss all the details going into the wedding whether he is involved in the decision-making or not. 

He wanted to be included in finding the venue and doing tastings. He also wanted to be a part of the decision for the photographer and the band.  Things that Keith felt he didn’t need to be a part of were picking out flowers, invitations and dresses. 

The main point of this blog post is to make people aware that it is important to discuss ideas or plans with your significant other. After all, it is not just a wedding that you are planning but the beginning of a marriage as well. 

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