Concerned about development plans in Fallston [Letter]


Thank you for the opportunity to address recent letters to The Aegis regarding the proposed development at the corner of Route 152 and Route 147 in Fallston. I am a community member that is very concerned about the plan to develop the agricultural zoned portion of the land for business use. I disagree with the comments presented in The Aegis over the last few months about a "need" in Fallston for an "elite athletic membership facility" or "field house" on this property. In my opinion, the zoning changes for development of this agriculture zoned property and the probability of increased traffic would be huge risk and hazard for the Fallston area.

I recognize the opportunities that accompany agricultural zoned land and appreciate community friendly development; however the proposed facility on agricultural zoned land would set an unfortunate precedent that could affect other agriculture zoned property causing a dramatic change to the Harford County landscape.

I don't believe there is a great enough need for a commercial facility on agricultural zoned land or the expansion of the development envelope (reference 2012 Master Land Use Plan).

My children have used several sports facilities in our area that were adequate. Plus, the Harford Sports Performance Center in Forest Hill provides athletes with a place to train.

Through my own observations it is evident the intersections of Route 1, Route 152 and Route 147 are congested and at times extremely dangerous. Intense business use on the agricultural portion of the land would make a bad situation, regrettable.

The changes and risks involved with the development of the agricultural zoned property at Route 152 and Route 147 should be considered when looking at the true demand of this type of land use. I am hopeful that the developer and community will work within the zoning code to achieve a sustainable, environmentally sensitive, development solution.

Stephanie Flasch


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