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Upset by water bill in Aberdeen [letter to the editor]


Residents of Harford County for 50 years, my husband and I moved to Aberdeen four months ago.

We received our first quarterly water bill recently for $204.35. After I picked myself off the floor, we discussed what on earth happened. We blamed ourselves for simply using too much water. My husband had been watering the Leyland cypress trees every day that it did not rain. We decided to only water our favorite beloved plants, and I would no longer do a second rinse on the washer.

Guess what? When we went to City Hall to pay our water bill, we asked questions about the ridiculous cost of water. We were told that we would pay approximately $65 a month for water. Are you ready for the clincher? Maybe sit down, first. We were told that if we did not use even one drop of water, we would automatically be billed approximately $65 a month for the privilege of having the water accessible to us.

So, let me see now, does that mean that the grocery stores in Harford County will charge me a fixed amount each month, even if I don't buy anything, just for the privilege of having the grocery store accessible to me?

Hey, just trying to understand this!

Barbara Witmer


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