Harford helps in fight against cancer [Letter]

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge a marvelous group here in Harford County, who are incredible fundraisers for the AMC Cancer Research Harford County Chapter/AMC Cancer Fund, University of Colorado.

I am privileged to be a part of the organization who raises monies to eradicate cancer. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude, along with humility, I salute you dedicated members of AMC Harford County Chapter.

The extraordinary monies you have raised this year, with just a handful of members and many supporters, are remarkable. We were honored to have Dr. Heather Symons from Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology as our guest speaker at our end of year celebration just a few weeks ago. She was presented a check for $6,000 which will go to pediatric oncology center for continued research in children's cancers and such illnesses. Dr. Symons is quite special to our family as she was on the team of doctors who performed the bone marrow transplant on our five-month-old grandson, Colin, earlier this year.

With these fine doctors, many prayers, an angel of a bone marrow donor, who we are looking forward to meeting one day, and the AMC Harford County Chapter members, this would not have been possible. Along with this donation to Hopkins pediatric oncology, this amazing group sent a check for $18,795 to the University of Colorado/AMC Cancer Fund. We have been supporting these centers since 2006 and monies donated are mind blowing.

AMC Cancer research Harford County Chapter also wishes to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful supporters who have been so loyal in the past years to our fundraisers. Without you, this would not be possible. Please keep in mind that there is something for everyone. From tribute cards of joy and sympathy, teas, bingo, golf tournament, garden tour, The Holiday House Tour and holiday gift wrapping...every contribution is important.

We ask that you continue to support our cause as AMC Cancer Fund is creating hope through science. Thank you for taking the time for us today.

Kay O'Hara

Vice President of AMC Harford County Cancer Research

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