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Let the reception-food tasting start

In the near future, my fiancé and I will be going to the Engineers Club in order to taste the food we want to have at our wedding reception.

A lot of places only let you do this sort of tasting a few months in advance, but we asked to do it earlier rather than later since it is such a big decision. Dinner plates for weddings are so expensive, and we want to make sure the food is what we're hoping for before paying for a venue in full. 

Testing food may seem like a fun and easy part of the planning, but I have a feeling it’s going to be difficult. There are lots of different packages with different appetizers, entrees and possible dessert trays to choose from. I think it would be easy if we were just choosing for ourselves, but we need to remember our decision affects all our guests.

On one hand, I think it would be neat to have something unusual, but on the other hand it may be better to be safe than sorry. My friend served Chicken Chesapeake at her wedding, which was a unique choice, but it was delicious so it worked out for them. My other friend served Steak and Cake, which is a classic and was also very tasty. 

I am hoping my fiance and I will both fall in love with the same food options to make this somewhat easier!

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