Download It: Sid's Science Fair App

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review, this fun application from PBS engages young scientists with beautiful graphics and intriguing games that emphasize math and science skills. A spin-off from the hit series “Sid the Science Kid,” this app encourages your child to experiment, collect and organize data and think like a real scientist.

Kids are transported to Sid’s school, where there is a science fair going on. At the science fair there are three “exhibits,” interactive games with which players can engage.

The first exhibit is “Collection Inspection,” a matching game in which children use a magnifying glass to examine and discover patterns in butterfly wings, keys and other objects. There are 14 different collections to inspect and new patterns every time. 

The second game, “Chart It!” allows kids to organize origami, balloon animals and other fun stuff by observing shared traits.

Finally, in “Time Machine,” little scientists order a series of pictures into a sequence. Series include a flower growing and blooming, a snowman melting, a rocket blasting off into space, and more. When the pictures are in the right order, kids slide a finger across the images to see a “time-lapse” video effect. It’s a good app to help kids get excited about going back to school.

Sid’s Science Fair App $2.99
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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