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What would Baltimore name a royal baby?

With royals-watchers on high alert throughout the world, wondering just when William and Kate will become mom and dad -- and, more importantly, what the young heir's name will be -- we figured it's about time Baltimore got in on the act.

After all, there are plenty of moms and dads in these parts, many who can boast of English ancestry (we hear there are even some families named Windsor in town). And while royalty per se may be scarce around here, we did help unloose Wallis Warfield Simpson on the world, and she certainly left her mark on the House of Windsor.

So, whaddya say, Baltimore? Got any good suggestions for a royal name? Maybe Divine? Now if that isn't the perfect name for a future queen, we don't know what is! Maybe, if it's a boy, William Donald could be considered; it certainly has that royal sound to it.

Post your ideas in the comments field below; we'll do our best to see that William and Kate hear your suggestions. A word of warning, however: as popular as the name is in these parts nowadays, we doubt the royal couple will consider "Chris Davis."

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