For kitchen, use paint colors that are warm, inviting

I'm confused about choosing a color to paint my kitchen. I've heard that green is the color of the year. And then I hear about gray being the new neutral. What are the best colors to paint the kitchen?

A kitchen should be an inviting gathering space, so warmer or brighter tones are ideal, such as deep ivories, rich coppers, luscious reds, golden yellows and yellow-greens.

Be sure to take countertops, appliances and floors into consideration when selecting your color. You'll want something that complements these accents and flows naturally into the surrounding rooms of your home.

Gray is becoming a popular kitchen color for spaces with white cabinets, quartz counter tops, glass tiles and stainless steel or black appliances, as it offers a modern and fresh approach to neutrals.

Here are some tips for other rooms:

Living rooms: These rooms can be formal or casual and the colors should reflect the mood you are trying to create. Living rooms often lend themselves well to cashmere gray, soft sand, dusty blue and neutral raffia tones.

Bedrooms: The colors you choose for the room you start and end each day in can have a profound effect on your mood. Whether you are looking to evoke a peaceful or romantic space, colors such as foggy grays, tranquil blues, dusty lavenders or minty greens work well in the bedroom.

Bathrooms: Depending on your your personal style, bathrooms can be fresh, relaxing or modern. I love white on white, but soft sea foam greens or ocean blues also work well.

No matter the room you are painting, it's always a good idea to try before you apply. Painting a test area will help determine how lighting and other elements affect the color.

Jackie Jordan is director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

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