A kinetic proposal

It's not every day a giant pink poodle assists with a marriage proposal. On May 4, Bob Keefer, 38, proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Erin Alexander, 30, at the 15th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Unbeknownst to Alexander, Keefer arranged with the American Visionary Art Museum to have Fifi, the museum's famous fluffy poodle, deliver the engagement ring, which was designed with one of Erin's great-grandmother's diamonds. Once Fifi delivered the special package, Keefer took off his shirt to reveal a tuxedo shirt underneath and proposed to Alexander in the middle of the mud pit.

"I was completely shocked," says Alexander. "My sister had been telling me stories about how it wasn't going to happen for months. When he jumped up and got the ring from Fifi, I was so surprised that my friend nearly had to push me to get up and walk over to him."

The magical moment was caught on video (watch it here) and has received more than 430 views on YouTube, as of Monday afternoon. The couple, who lives in Canton, have volunteered to build the race's mud pit for several years and actually met there three years ago through mutual friends. Keefer is an enterprise support technician at SC&H; Group, LLC, and Alexander is the senior graphic designer for The Daily Record.

"Since it's so early, we haven't really started planning anything," she shares. "We have large families and an even larger set of friends, taking all of that into consideration probably means a lot of work. But I'm hoping for a fall 2014 wedding."

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