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Lighthouse friends support HdG deal [Letter]


I write to support the City of Havre de Grace's attempt to purchase the 701 Concord Street (Gamatoria's) property.  As the President of the Friends of the Concord Point Lighthouse and representing its Board of Directors, I ask all Havre de Grace citizens to vote YES on this ballot question.

There are many reasons for my support of this effort.  Number one it would be an additional treasure for tourism in our city.  It would greatly enhance the appearance and accessibility of the Concord Point Lighthouse property.  It would certainly be better for the city than anything a commercial developer would provide.

A vote of YES for the purchase of this property is a proactive action to enhance the appearance and viability of Havre de Grace.

Jim Dryden, President

Friends of Concord Point Lighthouse, Inc.

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