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New photography guide focuses on same-sex couples

Weddings are changing and wedding photography education needs to change, too. This is the principle behind “Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography” by Kathryn Hamm, president of GayWeddings.com, and Thea Dodds, a veteran wedding photographer. Together, the two are on a mission to enlighten photographers on how to pose and capture same-sex weddings through their visual guide.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28, the authors appeared together in Baltimore at an editorial meeting for Two Bright Lights, an online publicity platform, to discuss and promote their book.

“Photographing same-sex couples is not the same as photographing heterosexual couples,” Hamm explains in a phone interview. “There are some poses that will work, but some that just don’t apply … There was really no mold to pose same-sex couples. We really want to transform wedding photography education to add this pose book into the canon of pose books.”

Some conventional poses that may not necessarily work for same-sex couples include the groom dipping the bride and the bride sitting in the groom’s lap. First and foremost, the authors advise photographers against assuming anything with same-sex couples.

“Family may be attending, or they may not be invited. The couple may also not be entirely comfortable with public displays of affection,” says Hamm. “Don’t presume what the couple may want to have -- start by asking. We suggest photographers do some prep work and spend some time with the couple.”

 “Capturing Love,” which features 38 photographers and 46 couples, is currently available in limited release at Lulu.com for $32.95, but is scheduled for a full release in March. Hamm and Dodds encourage same-sex couples and wedding photographers to submit their photos online at their web site.

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