Amy Zhang finishes within 2.16 seconds of 11 a.m. to win Turkey Trot 10k prediction run

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The 332 participants in the Turkey Trot 10k Prediction Run had to run 6.2 miles through Jeffers Hill, with the winner finishing closest to 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning without the benefit of any timing devices. No one finished at exactly 11 a.m., but thanks to various systems employed by the runners, several came very close.

Grandmaster John Chall started around 10:20 a.m., much later than the others, and pushed himself through the hilly course to finish within 2.91 seconds of the appointed hour.

Amy Zhang, however, came within 2.16 seconds of 11:00 a.m. to win the coveted golden turkey award, and a $50 gift certificate to P.F. Changs. The race was organized by Len Guralnick.

Finishers within 30 seconds of 11 a.m.:

Amy Zhang, 10:59:57.84 (2.16); John Chall, 10:59:57.09 (2.91); Tom Logue, 10:59:56.84 (3.16); Megan Gitterman, 11:00:03.33 (3.33); Elizabeth Flynn, 10:59:54.10 (5.9); Barry Merritt, 10:59:53.59 (6.41); Walter Ellis, 10:59:53.58 (6.42); Patrick Cristaldi, 10:59:52.86 (7.14); Scott Riddler, 10:59:52.08 (7.92); Robyn Kajiura, 11:00:08.35 (8.35).

Dave Orlik, 10:59:51.58 (8.42); William Carballo, 10:59:51.09 (8.91); Scott Woods, 11:00:12.09 (12.09); Stacey Gordon, 10:59:47.08 (12.92); Paige Thumel, 11:00:20.34 (20.34); Kevin Levi-Goerlich, 11:00:21.10 (21.1); Brett Nells, 11:00:21.33 (21.33); Melinda Krummerich, 11:00:26.09 (26.09); Katy Patchan, 11:00:27.84 (27.84); Michelle Gilbert, 11:00:28.34 (28.34).


U15 SAC Attack

The girls U15 SAC Attack, coached by Sean Phillips, was a finalist in its division at the SAC Fall Classic, Nov. 17-18, losing to Premier Blaze in the championship, 2-1, in overtime. SAC Attack advanced to the semifinals with two shutouts from goalies Carolyn Cole (1-0) and Katie Caddigan (0-0), with the goal scored by Leah Jordan. Attack advanced to the finals with a 3-1 win in its semifinal game, with goals scored by Jordan, Valerie Koppang and Maura McNeil. In the title game both teams played hard, with Premier Blaze taking a 1-0 lead in the second half off a penalty kick. SAC Attack came back to tie it up late in the game, with the goal scored by Rylee Fate off McNeil's corner kick. Premier Blaze eventually won in the fifth round of the shootout. Playing solid defense and midfield for Attack were Jetta Owens, Jayme Choe, Natalie Ryan, Amy Radcliffe, Chelsea Henggeler, Cristina McGuire, Alyssa Salter, Eli Ferrara, Dannielle Markovitz, Jenna Boulin and Ali Mallo.

U8 SAC Midnight Strikers

The girls U8 SAC Midnight Strikers went undefeated (4-0) and unscored upon by a margin of 9-0 to win their age group at the 24th Annual Mountain Road Soccer Tournament, Nov. 17-18. Players for the Midnight Strikers are: Julia Kumor, Ryan Greenlee, Regan Burfeind, Megan Maloney, Maddie La Count, Paige Sarama, Amari Mehta, Rachel Song, Paige Concha, Giavana Liberto and Sydney Brewer. The team is coached by Scott Sarama, Tony Concha, Jay Song and Dan Maloney.


The USAG Level 4-10 Top Flight Gymnastics (Columbia) boys team competed at the Tim Weaver International Meet in Hanover, Pa., Nov. 17-18, with the Level 10 team taking second place.

Individual results:

(F: Floor; V: Vault; P: Pommel; SR: Still Rings; PB: Parallel Bars; HB: Horizontal Bar; AA: All-Around)

Level 10 (age 15-16) — A. Beal: 1. F, 1. SR, 3. PB, 3. HB, 2. AA; M. Lober: 3. V.

Level 10 (17-18) — A. Bofill: 1. F, 3. SR, 3. HB, 3. AA; A. Stewart: 1. PB.

Level 9 (13-14) — S. Penn: 2. HB.

Level 8 (11-12) — M. Valiente: 3. P, 3. SR.

Level 7 (9-10) — Z. Powers: 3. F, 3. SR.

Level 6 (9-U) — D. Levchenko: 3. P.

Level 6 (10) — T. Howard: 3. P, 2. V.

Level 5 (9 Sr.) — B. Currie: 2. V.

Level 4 (7 Jr.) — Z. Arensdorf: 2. P, 3. V, 1. PB, 3. HB, 2. AA.

Level 4 (8 Jr.) — C. Harman: 3. P, 3. SR, 3. V, 3. PB, 3. AA.

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