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Letter: Speed cameras can combine safety and revenue, too

Your front-page article "Speed cameras called a success" (Oct. 25) is going to earn you a flood of letters from those who want to break the law and escape the consequences. Everyone is all hot for "personal responsibility" these days, so why don't we start there? But if that doesn't work, and people won't regulate their own behavior, the state will do it for them, because the state will have order.

But what really bugs me about the camera controversy is the almost binary nature of the debate. Those who want to speed say the cameras are designed only to generate cash, and the police say the cameras are only safety devices. But why can't they be both? The issues are not mutually exclusive — the cameras do cause some inattentive drivers to watch their speed, and the only way to get through to some reckless drivers is to take their dollars, which the city and county are only to happy to accept.

Elden Carnahan


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