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No matter who wins, she'll miss little kids living in the White House

From Liz Atwood:No matter who wins the presidential election, one thing is clear: We won’t have the same thrill we had four years ago of watching young children move into the White House.

Remember the commentary on the clothes Sasha and Malia wore on Inauguration Day? And then there was the speculation over what schools the girls would attend.

 We waited anxiously to see what kind of dog the family would choose. When, after months of speculation and secrecy, the Obamas selected a Portuguese Water Dog, the photographers were there to snap pictures of him romping on the lawn.

News crews were also on hand when the girls got a new swing set and we read about their movie nights and private concerts with tween heartthrobs.

But the girls are getting older now, and as they move from tweens to teens, if their father wins the election, we probably won’t be hearing as much about them unless they get in trouble (which would be difficult giving the scrutiny of Secret Service agents).

If Romney is elected, we’ll have to be satisfied with pictures of his cute grandkids. But unless some of them move into the White House, it just won’t be the same. We won’t be waiting to hear about their schools, pets and playgrounds.

We’ve watched the passing of an era. It was fun while it lasted.

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