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Letter: Allowing same-sex marriage takes away 'treasured institution"

Marriage is the essential procreative unit of society, bonding mother and father, and bonding father and children. Redefining marriage breaks those bonds. Studies demonstrate children fare best with a married mother and father. Maryland jurisprudence holds that legal benefits for married couples are justified by society's interest in protecting children.

Supporting marriage is not the state affirming that two adults love each other, but the state supporting an environment best suited for children. Domestic partnerships convey significant legal benefits. So, why redefine marriage for everyone, reducing it to just a form of domestic partnership?

Redefining marriage takes away a treasured institution uniquely configured to produce and nurture new life, and will affect all Maryland citizens. There are no conscience protections for individuals or businesses. Any religious institution that accepts government funds loses conscience protections.

Once biology, the most fundamental characteristic of marriage, is removed, other restrictions such as age or number of parties can more readily be opposed, as already seen in other states having redefined marriage.

We can love our friends with same-sex attraction and still believe marriage is reserved for a man and a woman. Ask those with same-sex attraction who have openly opposed Question 6.

Lynda Kouroupis

Ellicott City

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