Letter: You can't use the Golden Rule 'out of context'

My daughter Maya — a senior in high school — wrote a letter recently in favor of marriage equality. The letter has apparently spawned several responses, but I wanted to respond to the one from Andrew Cook Jr. last week ("People should not use Bible to justify same-sex marriage," Sept. 13).

I believe Mr. Cook is mistaken that Maya was using the Bible "to justify gay marriage." Rather, Maya was using the Bible to justify decency, compassion and kindness. If she used the Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12 "out of context" as Mr. Cook alleges, it is because that rule should require no context whatsoever, it should apply to every single human situation, no exceptions. Indeed, this should be the only "natural moral law, written in the heart of every person."

If the Bible — when taken "in context" — advocates discrimination against people born with a different sexual preference, then I would argue that either we are misinterpreting the Bible or it is misrepresenting Jesus's teachings. Homosexuals are children of the same God that created heterosexuals.

As Maya's father, I could not be prouder that her heart is obviously in the right place. Her generation gives me hope that we will soon leave this non-issue far behind.

Ani Thakar

Owen Brown Village

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