Letter: People should stop using Bible to justify gay marriage

I'm writing in regards to Maya Thakar quoting the Golden Rule ("Goal should be happiness, not banning gay marriage," letter, Aug. 30).

Perhaps notably, the entire verse of Matthew 7:12 was not quoted. This passage from Scripture, as well as every verse therein, cannot be quoted out of context nor used to advance an agenda contrary to biblical teaching. One cannot use the words of Jesus to approve a situation which He never would, namely, gay "marriage."

People must stop using biblical passages to justify gay "marriage." One cannot pick and choose from the Bible what suits them (cf. Deuteronomy 4:2) and ignore the rest. As government makes laws for the protection of its citizens, so the natural moral law, written in the heart of every person, must be adhered even for those who don't accept biblical truth.

We are given the right to "the pursuit of happiness." You who want to legalize gay "marriage," aren't you trampling the rights of children up for adoption who deserve a father and mother?

Andrew Cook, Jr.


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