Gaithersburg Elementary school abolishes homework

That shout for joy you heard coming from just south of here was from the students and parents at Gaithersburg Elementary School, where the administration has decided to eliminate all homework except reading.

According to Fox News, principal Stephanie Brant took a look at the work being sent home with the kids and decided it didn’t match what was being taught in the class. “It was just, we were giving students something because we felt we had to give them something," she said.

Rather than give kids math problems and social studies work sheets, kids are instead assigned to read 30 minutes a night.

When I think of the night last week when I struggled to explain algebraic equations or another night that my son suddenly remembered at 10 p.m. he had social studies homework, I’ll admit this Gaithersburg approach seems like a dream come true.

No one could doubt it would be easier on both the families and the children if homework were abolished, but I wonder if it is the best approach. If kids don’t have the time to practice what they’ve learned in school, will the lessons stick? And think of all those fond memories that are created as kids and parents tackle science fair projects and book reports. I might miss those late-night runs to the store for glue sticks. What about you?

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