Letter: Bobo's open, independent style will be missed

In full disclosure, let me say that I have served on Liz Bobo's Reelection Committee.

We will miss her terribly when she retires. Liz has exhibited the best qualities I want in a politician. She is open, transparent, straightforward, independent, direct, and does not pander to donors.

I haven't always agreed with Liz over the many years of her service. On those occasions, she wanted to hear my reasons. She didn't walk away or avoid me. She would hear me out. When we agreed to disagree, our disagreement was OK with her. She does not equate loyalty or intelligence with agreement.

We don't have many other examples of politicians like Liz. We have been the beneficiaries of her leadership, foresight, and outspokenness. I will miss having her represent me in Annapolis.

Andrew L. Solberg


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