Help! Baltimore man's cats are about to be evicted

In Baltimore one man is about to lose half of his cat family. And he'd like your help.

Matt writes Unleashed:

My name is Matt and I have 4 wonderful cats! 

I am contacting you, because I am having some issues with my landlord in regards to the cats, and was wondering if you may have some advice, or know someone who may be able to help...

In short; I was forced to contact a city inspector to have my apartment inspected for any code violations.  The landlord has since received the inspectors report; outlining several code violations, and is retaliating.

I moved in to this apartment, in Mt Vernon, in April 2011 with my 4 cats.  When I looked at the apartment, I informed the landlord's daughter, who manages the property, that I had 4 cats, and told her the story of how I came to have all of them.  She said that it was not a problem.

So, today I received an email from the landlord that I must remove 2 of the cats by tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 5pm, because the owner of the building does not allow any more than 2 pets per apartment.

There is absolutely no mention of any such pet policy in my lease; there is actually no pet policy at all in the lease.  Had they informed me that they do not allow more than 2, I would have never signed the lease...

Do you have any advice or any way you may be able to help me combat this issue?

Can anyone help Matt? If so, leave your comment here, or email me directly and I'll make sure he gets it.


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