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Letter: Symphony Woods is not about trees; it's about people

I look forward to a time when Columbia's Symphony Woods is home to both active and passive recreation: picnics, walks, splashing, laughter, relaxation, and maybe even a little music. I commend CA for going forward with a plan to enhance the livability of our downtown area.

Saturday I attended the opening of Blandair Park. This event was particularly significant to me, as an immediate neighbor in Oakland Mills. As I watched my daughter run off to explore the play equipment, I felt grateful to everyone who made this possible.

Trees were cut down to create this park. Although we knew it was coming, it was hard to watch them go. But the importance of this facility, now and in the future, puts this change in perspective. Our children are getting less and less active play. We as adults are often too sedentary.

Recent letters about Symphony Woods plan have sought to frame the discussion as one that is either for or against trees. This argument shifts the focus from the real issue: Are we for or against active enjoyment by residents in the heart of Town Center?

Don't be fooled. It's not about trees; it's about people.

Julia McCready


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