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Letter: Ulman's decision on redistricting 'misleading and misguided'

County Executive Ulman's reasons for not signing the County Council's redistricting plan are misleading and misguided. As a Redistricting Commission member, I know he is hiding behind a falsehood if he is claiming the commission's plan was bipartisan. It was a party-line vote. The Republican minority supported plans that did not redistrict Wheatfield or Dorsey's Search (one was submitted by a former Democratic party official that was similar to my proposal).

Ulman is misguided if he thinks the commission's plan was vetted through three public hearings. The commission held hearings but none on the final map. However, the council had two hearings on the commission's map. Ulman also ignored the public testimony — the vast majority opposed the redistricting Ulman supported.

Whether Courtney Watson intentionally sided with Ulman over her constituents, her vote created the "narrow margin" that Ulman used as an excuse. While Elkridge was upset with all plans, it is a poor reason to say that because not everyone can be happy then no one can be happy.

Instead of commending communities like Wheatfield for being involved and doing everything the way it should be done in our civil society, Ulman turned his back on them. He showed that even the best efforts of a community could not sway his mind when his decision-making is guided by other considerations.

Kevin Rodkey

Ellicott City

Redistricting Commission member

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