Letter: Now is not the time to raise regressive gas tax

In response to your March 8 editorial, "It's a terrible time to raise gas taxes…" I think, though it's a little fuzzy, that you are saying that you agree with the governor's basic approach of raising taxes on gasoline to help the state's Highway Trust Fund.

I'm reminded of the old saying, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me," but now I think we must also add, "Fool me over and over again, and I must be either a citizen of Maryland and/or on the Editorial Board of the Howard County Times."

Are you kidding me? What makes anyone believe that if only we let them raise one of the most regressive taxes in our state, that these monies collected will be for the sole use of the Highway Trust Fund. The same Trust Fund that these…gentlepersons, (and I use the term loosely), have raided over and over again for purposes other than the state's transportation Infrastructure.

When will we say "Enough is enough, stop lying to us!" or we will, finally, hold you accountable.

Tom Goodman

Mount Airy

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