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Letter: Board should consider superintendent candidates from across country

The Howard County Public School System is in the midst of hiring a new superintendent. The Board of Education began the process by wisely seeking the community's input in identifying the qualities the community would like to see in a new superintendent.

With candidate interviews beginning this week, we can only hope that the search firm has had sufficient time to identify and solicit enough stellar candidates from throughout the country. Hopefully, this candidate pool will be energized and willing to tackle those areas in need of improvement, like the services provided to our IEP and 504 students, non-college bound students, plateauing achievement scores, accelerating improvement in the achievement of minority student sub-groups, and most importantly, improving the services to our many students in the middle — our on-grade level learners who don't receive the attention that our above- and below-grade level students receive.

I am trusting that the BOE will mindfully consider non-HCPSS candidates who too can bring innovation and improvement to our school system and will not allow any lingering institutional fear of another O'Rourke situation to cause them to favor HCPSS candidates. Our students, teachers, and parents deserve nothing less than having each candidate objectively and thoroughly considered.

Linda Dombrowski

Ellicott City

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