Letter: Stop allowing commercial enterprises in rural west county

In response to the article "Zoning changes OK'd for swim clubs, Woodbine farm" (March 8), I again note that an exception has been made in the west county for a single individual. The article specifically states that "the legislation is aimed to help Larriland farm."

Infringing on a group's rights and quality of life just to benefit one entity seems to have become common practice (see the Walker case in Woodbine). Evidently, county government has evolved to protect the needs of the one over the needs of the many ("The proposal drew opposition from several farmers").

What happens to the quality of life of the people who live along the proposed expansion? I doubt it improves. The weekend traffic on Route 94 when Larriland is open is terrible.

County politicians repeatedly praise the rural character and agricultural heritage of the county, yet we routinely see laws amended to support commercial enterprises. Most people move out here to enjoy a peaceful way of life, which now faces constant erosion by zoning amendments. If Larriland wants to expand, why can't it follow the rules in place, which also protect the rights of others?

Lisa Biordi


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