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50 Years Ago: Not all bald eagles were noble birds

100 Years Ago

Preachin' and a play

In the bulletin section of the Times:

"Emory M.E. church Sunday school 8:30 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. by Rev. W.A. Koontz.

There will be no services except Sunday school at Providence on Sunday afternoon. Preaching at 8 p.m. Song service at 7:30 p.m.

The entertaining Comedy Drama, 'Diamonds and Hearts,' will be given by the Rockland Dramatic club in the large dining room of the Howard House Ellicott City Friday night, September first at 8 P..M. for the benefit of the Luther League of the First Lutheran Church."

75 Years Ago

Separate schedules

"County Schools To Re-Open on Sept 9" was a headline in the Times of a short article:

"Howard County Public Schools (white) will re-open following the summer vacating on Wednesday, September 9 according to an announcement from the office of Superintendent Herbert C. Brown. All colored schools of the county will resume classes on Monday, September 28, according to the announcement.

St. Paul's Parochial school at Ellicott City opens on Monday September 1."

I don't know why the "colored" schools started later than the white schools, but the most likely catalyst was that it would save the county some money. The schools may have been separate, but obviously not equal.

Now back then in some areas of the country, the catalyst for varying school schedules was the local agriculture and the need for both adults and children to plant and harvest crops.

During this time, it was strawberries that were a big cash crop where my dad grew up. His elementary school closed for the year in April, so that everyone could help out in the fields. (Though he developed a great work ethic, that came with a life-time loathing of strawberries.)

Bird Battle

"Farmer Shoots Eagle Raiding Chicken Farm"

"For several weeks C.C. Cantwell, Old Frederick Road, near Woodstock had been missing chickens from his yard but was unable to find any telltale clues as to who or what might be raiding the chicken pen.

This morning (Thursday), Mr. Cantwell spied his enemy, an eagle in that chicken yard, binggggg - went a .22 caliber rifle and the eagle dropped.

The eagle was brought to Ellicott City and when measured it was found that it had a wing-spread of six feet. The bird is of the bald type, weighing about 20 lbs."

The bald eagle is the only eagle exclusive to North America and it became our national symbol in 1782. It wasn't until 1940 that it became protected under the National Emblem Act, a bit late for this particular bird.

Today you can spot a lot more eagles around Maryland and one good place to try your luck is at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel. A great place for kids, but check their schedule online or call 301-497-5580.

50 Years Ago

Teacher list

A list of teachers for the new school year was published in the Times. Below the names of the principals and some of the teachers for Ellicott City and St. John's Lane Elementary schools:

"No. 1 District No. 2: Charles F. Eckes, Principal - Miss Joretta P. Allwine - 4, Miss Eleanor Colwill - 2.3. Mrs. Evelyn S. Coon - Special - Mrs. Helen F. Griffin - 1. Mrs. Phyllis Hastings - 4. Mrs. Hilda Heim - Julian C. Kidwiler - 6. Mrs. E. P. McCarty - 2. Miss Maureen Murphy - 4. Miss Marie C. Proctor.

1. Mrs. Dorothy A. Rescigno - 2. Mrs. Suzanne Sewell - 3. Benjamin Shocket - Physical Education, Dan C. Stone - 5.6. Miss Loretta J. Taggart 1. Mrs. Lorena D. Thomas - 3. Mrs. Elizabeth Van Huss - 5, and Mrs. Dorothy Warren.

St. John's Lane Elementary School No. 1. District No. 2: Richard F. Douglas - Principal, 3. Mrs. Betty L. Bliss.

1- Mrs. Mary B. Blum - Special. Mrs. Olivia Cocking - 2. Mrs. Mildred Douglas, Mrs. Bertha Frankfurt - 1. Mrs. Lillian C. Fries - 3. Mrs. Ruth Firzzell - 2. Mrs. Margaret Gallagher."

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