If cars share road, bikes should share in its costs

With the recent changes to the state law directed toward the sharing of the road with bicycles I have seen a dramatic increase in bicyclists behaving unsafely.

The traffic laws apply to everyone on the road. Obeying stop signs, traffic signals and driving on the right side of the road only seems to apply when the bicyclists feel like it. The three-feet rule is for both the motorist and bicyclist. When traffic is stopped (for a light), why doesn't the bicyclist stop when there is not three feet of room around the traffic?

I have observed numerous bicyclists riding three and four abreast, with one riding directly on the yellow line. What is the motorist coming from the opposite direction to do, run off the road to stay in compliance with the law?

How do these other users of the road share the cost of the roads? We need to have everyone that shares the road share the price. Licenses, registrations and gasoline taxes pay for the use of the roads only for the vehicle consuming gas. Scooters and some out-of-state utility trailers all need to be licensed and registered.

Bruce O'Brien

Ellicott City

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