Moving Adventist Hospital would give families more choices

At first thought, a hospital coming so close to Laurel Regional Hospital does sound unfair, and could be a risk to Laurel Regional Hospital's actual existence ("Hospital's proposed move could hurt Laurel Regional Hospital," Letters, Aug. 18).

I speak from experience both as a past patient and having had a parent there, by ambulance, two weekends in a row with heart concerns. On the second visit, I spoke to someone in cardiology who said, "If this was my father, I would get him out of here; we can't help him." I did, and he went to Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park. He was admitted and received immediate attention, and a simple procedure was done. His heart was beating out of rhythm, at 140+ beats per minute; a non-surgical procedure was done and he is fine.

Now I am sure someone will answer back about how much they like the people and how they don't want them to close, and all the miracles they have seen there. I don't wish them to close, but people should have a choice. It is time for the hospital in Takoma Park to move. They are one of the best for heart issues, Laurel is not. As to other specialties, I would drive 50+ miles to them before Laurel Regional Hospital would see me, or my family members.

Stephen Powell


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