Dog devours diamonds

The dog eats the chicken bones in the park. The dog eats the homework. But it's not everyday that the dog swallows $10,000 in precious stones.

But one hungry pup in Georgia did.

According to Georgia's WALB, it was a cutie-pie named Honeybun.

When $10,000 worth of diamonds went missing from John Ross Jewelers in Albany, the store owners immediately suspected Honeybun -- a store pup who's more mascot than guard dog.

While Honeybun's owners were helping customers, the little dog -- who looks to be a Pomeranian -- jumped onto a chair, and then onto a desk. On top of the desk were four packs of loose diamonds.

By the time the owner returned, there were only three packs.

"I knew he'd eaten them," owner Chuck Roberts told reporters.

The next afternoon, Honeybun dropped what had to have been one of the most expensive poops of all time.

"I haven't scolded him to this day and I won't. Why not? It's my fault for leaving the chair there, that's why," Roberts told WALB.

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