Did your animals feel the earthquake?

UPDATED: They say that animals can sense an earthquake. Now that the Baltimore area -- the whole East Coast -- just experienced one this afternoon, there seems to be proof that at least some dogs and cats knew something was up.

Officials at the Maryland SPCA, where all of the shelter animals appeared completely normal and oblivious moments before the quake, polled pet owners moments after the incident, asking if anyone's animals were acting strangely before the quake hit around 2 p.m.

Many said no, but quite a few said yes -- definitely.

Comments ranged from "My Dogs started barking & my birds went crazy about 4 minutes before it hit," to "My dog insisted we go outside about two minutes before it happened and then barked continuously at 'nothing.'"

Another pet owner reported that her cats were "acting very bizarre and meowing beforehand."

Someone else wrote: "My dog and all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking like crazy about a minute before it started."

Unleashed readers, polled online, reported the same sort of definite reactions.

"My 3 cats ran into the basement and hid under the sofa," Debbie Romeo said. "The bird didn't care. My mom said her dog barked a second before it started."

Tina Sanders said: "My jack russell went into meltdown mode and hid, my english bulldog could've cared less."

The Baltimore Humane Society and the Maryland Zoo reported online that their animals all made it through OK.

Pretty crazy.

Commenters, please let us know how your animals were acting. And I hope everyone is safe and OK!

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